TPU 3D Printer Filament

TPU 3D printer filament is a form of elastic polymer or elastomer. Of all the flexible 3D printer filaments, TPU is slightly more rigid than others, making it easier to extrude and print with. It is a medium-strength material with very high flexibility and durability, able to withstand much higher compressive and tensile forces than other filaments.

TPU 3D printer filament is used for printing custom phone cases, rubber mats, stress toys, tires, shock absorbers, rings and seals, etc.

TPU does not require a heated bed, although it is recommended. The ideal print temperature is between 210 to 230 degree celsius.

3D Printing TPU Filament

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FDM 3D printers for your choice

L-500 FDM 3D printer

L-500 FDM 3D Printer

The L-500 printer is suitable for medium scale to large industrial printing in different industries. The printing capacity and precision are 500*500*500 mm and 0.05mm.

L-800 FDM 3D printer

L-800 FDM 3D Printer

The L-800 printer has a printing dimension of 800*800*800 mm suitable for large sized and complex printing needs. It makes use of easily obtainable materials.

L-1000 FDM 3D printer

L-1000 FDM 3D Printer

The L-1000 is most suitable for printing up to 1000*1000*1000mm size of 3D objects at once. It is used for commercial and complex printing.

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