PC 3D Printer Filament

The PC 3D printer filament is a heavy duty thermoplastic filament and one of the most commonly 3D printing materials used in the 3D printing industry. The PC 3D printer filament stands out for three main features: optical clarity, resistance to heat and incredible toughness.

It is recommended for high strength applications because it is extremely strong and impact resistant.

Parts printed with the PC 3D printer filament come out fabulously strong. The nozzle temperature for PC 3D printer filament is 250-310 degree celsius (varies), and bed temperature of 80-150 degree celsius (varies).

3D Printing PC Filament

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We provide sample testing service, allowing you to check the working quality of our 3D printer before placing an order

FDM 3D printers for your choice

L-400 FDM 3D printer

L-400 FDM 3D Printer

The L-400 printer is suitable for industrial printing size of 400*400*400mm. It easily prints light and important component parts at a fast rate.

L-600 FDM 3D printer

L-600 FDM 3D Printer

The L-600 is used for commercial or industrial printing at a volume of 600*600*600mm. It is mostly used for complex parts at 0.05mm precision.

L-1000 FDM 3D printer

L-1000 FDM 3D Printer

The L-1000 is used for large industrial 3D printing measuring up to 1000*1000*1000*mm. It is designed for easy printing for large printing.

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