industrial resin 3D printer

DB-550 LCD 3D Printer

industrial resin 3d printer

Dreambot3D industrial resin 3d printer(DB-550)

The Dreambot3D industrial resin 3d printer(DB-550) is developed to print accurate 3D objects by curing resin mostly for commercial and large industrial use. This liquid resin printer boasts of low cost, high efficiency, ultra big print envelope that ensures high production capacity to meet different industrial demands.

The Dreambot3D industrial resin 3d printer(DB-550) is in high demand in industries such as robotics, medical, building and architecture, advertising, dental, educational, etc.

The printing platform is flexible for various applications. The upgraded hardware guarantees high productivity. The industrial resin 3D printer is affordable and the printing material is low cost.

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6 points why choose us

ME-192 LCD 3D Printer

4K resolution printing

4K black-white industrial screen, 0.01-0.05mm layer thickness accuracy, more accurate printing of details.
LCD 3d printer

Large size printing

Our newly developed industrial-grade LCD 3D printer can support print sizes up to 24 inches. (6 inches is a common size)
LG-293 LCD 3D Printer

PLC control system

Equipped with PLC control system as standard, makes the operation more convenient, and reduces the error.
LCD 3d printer

Extremely speed printing

Large printing size, 20mm/h printing speed, complete your printing tasks faster, greatly improve production efficiency
LCD 3d printer

Industrial grade ball screw guide

It ensures the smoothness of the printing surface, better control, and achieves micron-level high-precision printing
LCD 3d printer

Reinforced structure

The all-metal one-piece shell reduces resonance, makes printing more stable and improves printing accuracy.

More industrial resin 3d printers

LCD 3d printer

ME-345 LCD 3D Printer

The ME-345 3D printer is able to print 3D objects with thickness reaching 0.02 to 0.15mm. It is mostly used by hobbyists and small scale printing.

DB-345 LCD 3D printer

DB-345 LCD 3D Printer

The DB-345 3D printer prints 3D objects with 0.25 to 0.1 thickness. It is used for different scales of 3D printing across all industries.

LCD 3d printer

ME-192 LCD 3D Printer

The ME-192 printer prints high and thick 3D objects accurately . It is adopted for large and industrial 3D printing.

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